Step2 & Club Development plan becomes PNE@125

PNE@125 combines the strength of our clubs long heritage and ambition of the club to develop together in next 3 years.

The sub committee is completing step 2 of the 6 standard Sport England Club Matters improvement guide steps.

Step 2 – “where are we now” was prepare through August using the standard Sport England Club Matters template using inputs from the committee, members experiences and reviewed by the British Cycling South team member. All the content was distributed to the committee in advance of the committee meeting and reviewed in detail for over 1 hr on Tuesday in round table at Mountbatten by the committee and the topic leads.Strengths and Opportunities for improvement have been identified, the outcome will be summarise and published in the next days. Early actions agreed include taking feedback from all members , and volunteers through an online survey, to complete and launch the updated website and prepare a budget plan for 2022.Sincere thanks to Fran Marshman, Gareth, Simon Littler and Harry for their work and flexibility to complete step 2 ready for the committee review. Also the committee members for positively engaging with the opportunities for improvement.

  • Step 3 – “where do we want to be” & Step 4 “how will we get there” work will begin to identify priorities and targets, and phase the actions to deliver these over the next 3 years.
  • Step 3 and Step 4 will be reviewed at the October Committee, and will be open to all members. Another update will follow this mtg.

The PNE@125 project team and committee are committed to presenting the plan at the AGM which will take place at the end of November.As ever for any more information or to become involved please of the PNE@125 subcommittee❤️	</div><!-- .entry-content -->

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