Meet the Road and Track officials

Road & Track volunteers are an essential part of our collective competitive success and enjoyment as a club.

There are specific roles for club events where club provided training and accrediation support to our volunteers. For more info contact

  • Car share– assisting with travel to and from race venues.
  • Club Event volunteer – anything from sweeping junctions, organising parking at the start, setting up the sign in and race HQ to be clear and simple.
  • Putting out the signs – This involves putting out the signs as shown in the risk assessment and checking the course – it would be helpful if you can store the signs at home in a garage if you are going to do it regularly or you could pick them up from the start if doing it infrequently.
  • Collecting the signs – This is even simpler than putting them out. You would be required to pick up any riders that have punctured.
  • Social Media – sharing the contribution, success and enjoyment of race events
  • Club event Photographers – Always welcome, qualified or not.