The PNECC Coaching Programme & Talent Pathways are led by the Coaching Coordinator, Coaches and volunteers. Our coaching session are compliant to our club rules and British Cycling requirements.

A range of skills, disciplines upto competitive level are covered within the programme, including Youth Development. The club allocates resources to grow skills, confidence of members , support talent, and grow competitive success.

PNECC also support and invests to develop volunteers, coaching skills, qualification and capabilities within the club. The club supports PNECC coaches and coaching with:

  • Free British Cycling Silver Memberships, (part of our Clubmark accreditation).
  • Reimbursement for Coaching Qualification, Compliance approval and training courses.
  • Supply, maintenance and improvement of coaching equipment and supporting fpor proposal to improve equipment.
  • Promoting sessions and providing club tools for sign-up/ feedback / cashless payment.
  • Under writing the nett costs of facility rental, adn securing facilities from local partners for coaching use.
  • Coaching is always offered at a preferential price to members. Facilities or serviecs are sourced from local partners as part of the coaching programme.

The programme has contributed to the success of club members at regional, UK and international levels, and across disciplines. PNECC Palmares can be viewed here.