Call For TT Volunteers

We could do with some assistance next year with running our time trials and would very much appreciate some volunteers. There are a number of roles and some of these can be done before and after the race, allowing you to participate and help at the same time. Job: Time Keeper – we will show you how to do the start first then you will shadow one of our existing timekeepers to practice doing the finish.

Pusher – hold the riders and bike upright at the start so the rider can clip in.

Putting out the signs – This involves putting out the signs as shown in the risk assessment and checking the course – it would be helpful if you can store the signs at home in a garage if you are going to do it regularly or you could pick them up from the start if doing it infrequently.

Collecting the signs – This is even simpler than putting them out. You would be required to pick up any riders that have punctured and be on the lookout for any riders that have DNF and not reported back to the HQ. signs are dropped off at the HQ.

Opening the HQ – our plan is to use Wickham community centre as our HQ next year. The HQ will be locked up once the last rider (me) has gone to the start line. I need a rider that is happy to be first off, that can collect the key to HQ from the finishing time keeper once they have finished, open up the HQ and turn on the coffee machine.

Marshalls – There are a couple of courses where we need a marshal. You would be required to warn the riders of oncoming traffic and make a note of each rider as they pass. First Aid – it would be helpful to know who is able to offer basic first aid and is happy to assist in the event of an accident. all volunteers might be asked to assist in the event of an accident, so any first aiders would also be much appreciated. If we get enough helpers then we can share the workload and you might only be required to help out once in a while.

Please respond to