Track Session at Calshot 20/8/22

Portsmouth North End CC have hired the Calshot Velodrome for a 3 hour session, starting at 6pm on Saturday 20th August 2022.

The session will be coached by Paul Giles, and there are a maximum of 16 places up for grabs. The session will be tailored for the ability of the attendees. If 16 people attend, there will be two groups, each of 8, rotating evenly with one group on track, and the other group resting. Obviously fewer people will allow smaller groups, and/or more track time each.

Places will be allocated on the following priority basis:

  1. PNE members – Free participation and free bike hire.
  2. Family / Friends / Other Clubs – £12 per person participation; plus £10 bike hire.

Helmet and shoe hire is also available from the Activity Centre should it be required. It is believed that the hire bikes are equipped with Look pedals.

If you are inspired by the track cycling currently happening in the Commonwealth Games, this is your chance to emulate the likes of Jack Carlin! This is the perfect opportunity for those who have never tried riding a fixed wheel on a banked wooden track to give it a go, and find out how much fun it is!  For anyone wanting to try a fixed wheel before committing to this session will be able to try out such a bike on the Mountbatten Centre Track in Gordon Richardsons training session on 12th August. It is also an opportunity for experienced riders to enjoy a night training on the boards.

Email to reserve your place(s), preferably before 15/8/22. When doing so, please mention each riders track riding experience so that the session coaching plan can be adapted accordingly.

Please note that if you are allocated a place, but fail to turn up without reasonable excuse, you will be charged £12 to cover the clubs outlay.

More info about the velodrome can be found here

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